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Sunday, June 09, 2019
My name is Kadi or Kade, whichever you prefer. I love writing and exploring creativity so that's where this blog comes in. I love writing about topics that interest me which you can get an idea of by viewing the "categories" section. 

What I believe:
I'm a strong believer in purpose and it is my strong conviction that God has a specific purpose in life for everyone and what we do with our lives actually matter. 

What I love:
I love a lot of things! But I'd spare you boredom and share just a few. In no particular order (except that number 1 is always number 1):

1) Jesus

Travelling (I love learning about different cultures and I'm also the weirdo that loves airports)

Reading (I read everything, although there are seasons where I stick to one genre, but never horror)

Hanging out with my friends (especially at cute restaurants and cafes; and movies, movies are always a great idea)

Adventurous shenanigans (although I've become less spontaneous over the years, and I don't know why)

Fashion (Just everything fashion. I love dressing up and wearing cute clothes and SHOES, and I'm more conservative with my choices. I don't see the need for overly skimpy clothes and worse yet when it's accompanied by a provocative attitude - yes it's pretty obvious gals. But that's enough on that, yikes LOL) 
Food (I love trying out new restaurants/food with friends, one of my absolute favourite thing to do. I'm thinking Mexican food is close to being the best)

Fitness/exercise/health (I'm one of those who actually ENJOY exercising and being healthy. However, I also have a sweet tooth, so you will find this girl indulging at times but balance is definitely important - I'm realising that more and more as I get older)

Writing (one of my passions honestly, but I struggle a lot with confidence)

Coffee (I love everything coffee related, but I can't have a lot)

What I'm doing now:
I did sciences in high school, went to Bible college in Australia but did a 180 and currently I have completed 2/3 of my business degree. I definitely didn't see that coming but I love it so much and I'm really glad I trusted God when I felt led in that direction. Working full time and studying (basically full time) is tough and can be overwhelming at times but I'm mostly enjoying it! This change in direction has really surprised me so I'm really excited to see what God does and how things unfold. Stay tuned!

This is just a teeny bit of who I am, I hope you can relate and be inspired!

Thank you for visiting my blog! 
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