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Thursday, September 06, 2018

I'm a bit late with this post... but it was never about sticking to the time frame as much as it was about actually having the courage to finish and not become fearful or doubtful. So here is the fifth post. For the previous four you can search my blog :) 

For the challenge Sarah encouraged us to set a timer, write free hand and not edit among other things. Here's a very short piece that I ended up writing to a specific audience (another first for me)  to which I would not divulge just for the fun of it :)

This week's sense is taste and here are the photos and my story:

Emmery had been a baker all her life. Since she was a little girl she begged her mum to help in the kitchen. Her most fond memories were helping with the dough or mixing the cake batter. Her mum would often let her lick the stirring spoon when they were finished; the gooey, chocolate sweetness was her favourite. Many people from their small town requested cakes from her mum for special occasions and as she grew older her mum would let her help even more.

Soon Emmery started baking on her own. She experimented with different flavours, tangy and sweet, fruity and savoury, she came up with new ways of mixing ingredients. At community gatherings she offered to bake cakes and cupcakes and not long after she began receiving orders like her mum. She was delighted!

Baking was her passion. She dreamed of one day owning her very own store and a few years later her dream came true! Emmery’s Bakery was her pride and joy.

Emmery then had a daughter of her own and nothing made her happier than baking together and having fun. Her daughter’s enthusiasm reminded her of when she was a little girl helping her mum in the kitchen. It filled her heart with so much joy.

Every morning she would walk her daughter to the school bus stop and every morning her daughter loved being surprised with a different baked treat.

As time passed traditions continued. Baking secrets were passed down from mother to daughter.
Emmery was so happy, she had a kitchen full of grand-kids and laughter, all mixed with the lovely fragrance of spices and chocolates but most of all, love.

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  1. Good approach the bus was an odd ball but it’s good to see you used a relatable approach to tie it in


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