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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hi hi!

I’m a bit behind with this challenge, but the important thing is to have fun with it (as Sarah says), so I’m just happy that I’m keeping with it.

This week’s sense was scent. I tried something different again, see the note after my story!

If you would like to know what challenge I’m doing click here! And for previous weeks click: week 1, week 2 and week 3!
P.S. Don’t forget to read the note at the end!

Here are this week's photos and my story:


There she is again, five days in a row.

I liked having the place to myself, now she is ruining it. What used to be a soup of car fumes, sweat and dog laced air was now also flavoured with a fruity, flowery smell of some sort that whirled through the stairs of the fire escape.

I noticed her coming out of the second floor window that first day as I relaxed one floor atop. I watched as she just sat there, staring into nothing. Her black hair was plaited in a single braid that reached the middle of her back, her pale complexion highlighted with rosy cheeks.

I observed her until that heavenly aroma made its way to my nostrils, tuna!

Every time I came back from dinner she would be gone. Today she came out a bit earlier. She looked exactly the same except this time she was wearing all black and there was something pretty and shiny around her neck. Something was different though.

I heard soft sniffles and ever so often her shoulders shook a bit. Sadness glided up toward me.
I got up and made my way down the first flight of stairs. She had no idea I was there. Moving quietly was a great skill of mine. As I reached midway down the second flight of stairs, where she was sitting on the last step, she turned around.

Her eyes were blue like the great, big covering above us. Kindness and sorrow stared back at me, but then she turned her face away. She acted as though I wasn’t there as her shoulders hunched forward and her whimpers became louder.

I moved closer to her side and looked at her. She raised her hand and clutched the shiny thing around her neck. I noticed how much it matched her eyes; I could tell it meant a great deal her.

Her head titled upward now and she cried, “God… I miss her so much!”

I needed to move closer to her. So I did. I rubbed my head on her legs and I heard her crying wane.
Do it again! I massaged my entire body against her legs and feet. She stopped and reached down to play with my head. Nothing ever felt so good.

“Hello Kitty, you wanna play don’t you?”

I looked up and saw her wipe away her tears as a green ball appeared from somewhere in her clothing.


We were going to be great friends.


Writer's noteJ
For the challenge we’re encouraged to try different POVs so this time I wanted to try to write from an animal’s POV (yikes). However, if you know me you know I’m not fond of cats (and that’s being kind). I’m sorry if you’re a cat person, but I am not. I just have really bad gatophobia, which is why when I was writing this piece I was indeed surprised by how it turned out. I guess I can write about cats and look at cats from afar but I definitely won’t go near them. J J J
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