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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hi there! Week 3 of the writing challenge is touch. I did something a bit different, I wrote in the POV of a child (Eeee/Ahh)! I heard it can be a bit difficult but I decided to give it a try. Tell me what you think! 

This challenge has been so great because it has really pushed me to use my creative writing side. I never (ever) thought I would be able to write or think up fiction but using the images each week has really helped.

It's not too late to join me! For week 1 and what the challenge is about click here. For week 2 click here.

Here are this week's images and my story:


"Mum where are we going?” I muster up the courage to ask my mum as she pulls me along the dark street.

 It feels like someone is spraying cold water on my face. My short hair is plastered to my cheeks like when I had face painting done last month at my seventh birthday party. 

"No questions Maggie. Walk faster."

We have been walking for a long time. Now my feet hurt and there is water in my shoes. My back pack keeps bouncing off my back as we hurry to wherever we're going. I didn't get to put much in my bag. Mum said we needed to be very quick. As soon as my dad left for work my mum made me grab some clothes and one book. I love all of my books. I always ask for books for my birthday and Christmas. It was hard to choose just one. Now that book was poking me as I walked.

I am so cold. I wish we would go back home and lie under the covers, drink hot chocolate and watch Frozen, but mum said we must hurry so I need to walk faster. She keeps looking up as she pulls me along. I know she's looking out for the giant bumblebees, that's what I call them. It's odd but when she sees one she stops and turns her face. Dad says it flies over the city all day and night to keep us safe. I remember when he told us he was in charge of them because he took us to my favourite ice-cream shop that night. We all laughed a lot.

I trip on a broken piece of the pavement and fall on my left knee, my right hand yanked away from the warm, comforting grip of my mum's hand and land on the concrete.

 "Ouccchhhhhhh. Mummm!" I say, as hot tears flood to my eyes. 

"Maggie! Are you okay sweetheart?!" Mum says as she bends to help me.

 I look at my hands, they are wet and grimy with small pebbles sticking out of my palms. My knee burns but there is no blood. I am happy my mum made me wear long jeans. 

 "Yes mum, I'm sorry."

 "There's no need to be sorry Maggie. I know you're tired but we just need to keep going a little while longer." 

Her hug is like medicine because I suddenly feel warmer and much better.

My mum is strong but sometimes she seems sad and frightened. My parents fight a lot but I have never heard my mum cry so much as she did last night when I heard a loud noise and something break. My dad yells at me a lot too but that's because I forget to put away my toys sometimes.

We continue walking but a bit slower and more careful now. We make a few more turns and come to an old brown door. My mum knocks a few times and the door swings open.

 There is an old lady standing there. She has grey hair, flowers on her long dress and a smile on her face. 

"Mary. Maggie. I've been waiting for you. Hurry, come in! Did anyone see you?" she asked as she shut the door behind us.

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  1. Great work again . It felt like the perspective of a child . Hopefully week 4 comes soon


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