Six Weeks, Six Senses {Week 2}

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Friday, August 03, 2018

Hello! So I hesitated in posting week 2 of this writing challenge because I didn't give it proper attention at all and I know I could have done much much better. I started writing late and had so many things going on this week that I thought I wouldn't post anything. I really want to keep at it though so here's what I came up with for week 2 {please don't judge too harshly :)}

If you would like to read week 1 click here. This week's sense was sound and these are the images:

Sam jolted from his sleep as blares of siren filled the room. This was an unusual occurrence. Car alarms, ambulances, music, Sam was accustomed to it all. It was his very own sound machine and he liked it. Sam lived in the heart of the city and could normally sleep through anything. Noise was like the air he breathed, all around. Silence is what bothered him.

Sam grew up in the city with his parents and two sisters. His family moved to sunny coast when he was eighteen but he stayed. He could see himself nowhere else. That’s when he met Sebastian, who became his roommate. Sam worked at grocery and Sebastian worked at a high end clothing store. Sam liked that they were so different and their definition of fun couldn’t be more opposite, it’s what made them living together work. They did share a love for movies and would occasionally have ‘movie nights’.

The night before Sam agreed to attend a party with Sebastian. He wasn’t into partying but Sebastian had begged him for days. Sebastian’s gravelly voice pleading to him haunted his dreams so he gave in and accompanied Sebastian to an apartment building at the edge of the city. The party’s theme was glamorous.

“How do you define glamorous anyway?” Sam thought, as he had rummaged through his small, city-sized closet an hour before the party.

Choosing to wear a black pants and white dress shirt was as glamorous as Sam could afford. He hated the sound his best shoes made on almost every floor surface, as though they were tap shoes. He was sure someone two streets away could hear him coming. It made him cringe.

He grabbed a cab with Sebastian outside his building and stared out the window for the entire drive. He noticed how much quieter it got as they drove away from the heart of the city. It felt as though he was losing his hearing.

When they arrived Sam instantly noticed the long glass block three floors up that connected two buildings. It looked magical the way the lights bounced off the surface. As he followed Sebastian up three flights of stairs to the apartment he heard literal music to his ears and immediately he felt relaxed. The apartment was triple the size of his. The blinkers and disco ball filled the room perfectly. It seemed to dance in tune to the music that was bouncing off the walls. Props that looked like they belonged in the 1920s were placed around the rooms that connected to each other. Sam noticed how all the guests went all out on their attire, they definitely lived up to the theme. In that moment he regretted he came.

He followed Sebastian through two doorways to a makeshift bar. Sebastian got them drinks and introduced Sam to a few of his friends. As the night went on and as the drinks kept coming, it was hard for Sam to hear himself. His throat felt raw from straining to speak over the music. Sam had never had more than two drinks in one night, his tolerance for alcohol was low, but now he was on his sixth. A small part of him, which he never admitted to himself, wanted to fit in. So as someone offered him yet another drink, Sam took it without hesitation.

His ears were ringing now. He grasped his throbbing head as a siren echoed throughout the room and thought, a siren? What on earth is going on?

He jolted forward, sweat covering his face. Sam was on his bed in his apartment, his heart thumping loudly over the noise of life outside. He squeezed his forehead to ease the throbbing pain.
“What happened? How did I get home?” Sam thought. 

All Sam remembered was having a few drinks at the party. Sam lay back down with force and experienced a burning sensation on his left shoulder. He couldn’t see what it was but when he touched the area he felt something sticky. Letting out a sigh he got up slowly, the effects of the night before didn’t give him much of a choice. Looking into the mirror, he saw something black and glossy. He squinted, trying to manage the intensity of his headache and moved closer, focusing on the spot.

It was a word, written in a curly letters. It took him a minute to figure out what it spelt. L...Y... L…
His eyes opened as though it would pop out of its socket. The tattoo on his shoulder read “LYLA”! Last night’s memory came like lightning. A red sequinned dressed that jingled and sparkled in the night; short black hair. He remembered laughter and dancing. He remembered “her”.

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