Six Weeks, Six Senses: {Week 1}

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


As some of you may know I posted a photo on Instagram last week and stated that I would be attempting a summer writing challenge by Sarah Selecky's Writing School called Six Weeks, Six Senses. Let me be honest with you, I have NEVER written fiction before! Writing personal stories and experiences, which is what I do mostly, is a little less terrifying for me. Making up a character and story line is a whole other ball game for me. I wasn't sure if I should share it publicly to people who know me because it really is terrifying to have others read and form judgments. But then I said to myself that it's just a story and if you think it's crappy then you think it's crappy and that's ok, just keep it to yourself :). BUT if you read it and you like it or have any constructive criticism please let me know, it would mean a lot! 

So the challenge works likes this: each week three images will be sent: a character, a setting, and a pivotal object that exists within the scene I'm going to write about. The images will be accompanied by one of six senses. This week's sense was sight. If you would like to join me or get more info on the challenge click here!

Here are the three photos and my story raw and unedited (yikes!):


There were clouds in the sky and hardly any blue pierced through. The copious amount of sweat dripping down her body would make you think the sun was out in all its glory. Dusk was approaching and she was returning from a short run. Getting used to the salty air wouldn’t be hard at all, it reminded her of him. She made her way from the wide shore, turning left unto an almost unnoticeable track between knee height grass. One nicked her as she passed through and she immediately felt a burning sensation.

“Darn it!” she yelled as she stopped to inspect the area on her bare legs. She wiped away a tiny drop of blood while she made a few more steps to get to her front lawn. She stopped, hands on hips, breathing heavily, trying to recover from her run as she stared at her new home. The front porch and the little nook behind the middle front window is what made her choose this home. He would love it too.

She couldn’t believe she was standing here. She thought about why she left the city, something she never thought she would do. She was a city girl at heart but here she was. Emotions flooded her at the thought. This was her life now.

She wiped away a tear that was mixed with sweat and walked up the three small steps that led to the porch. She stooped near the mat that was by the front door and picked up the key that was underneath and opened the front door. She knew she didn’t have to lock the door, she was in a different place now, but the city in her didn’t leave just yet. She kicked off her shoes at the side, which left a small trail of sand behind and headed toward the shower. Long showers calmed her.

An hour later, wet hair wrapped in a towel like a knot on her head, she made her way to the kitchen. Without thinking she reached for a wine glass, her body knowing what her soul needed. Walking over to her little nook by the front window, she sat on her favourite double couch, feet up at her side. A bottle of the finest was waiting for her and was instantly poured into her glass. She sat there for what seemed like an hour staring at the tall glass in her hand, but it was only a few minutes. How perfectly it fit in her hands she thought as she swirled the red liquid around. She took a sip and set it down on the pretty antique side table next to her. She pulled open the single drawer on the table and reached for the lone object inside.

She stared at the frame housing a crisp, clear photo. A single tear rolling down her cheek. How she wished she could go back in time when it was taken. Staring into his piercing blue eyes and freckled face. One photo but a thousand memories. His laugh. His sweet smell. His gentle touch. His heart. His heart was hers. There were so many plans made together. So many late night discussions about the things they would do with all the time they had. But they didn’t know.

The tears were flowing more freely now and that feeling was coming again. A literal ache in her heart that let out a cry that seemed to have no end. Why? Why did this happen? How could this happen? These questions were like a tornado in her head. Why was she left alone? Tears streaked her face as she held her tummy. Would it have been a boy or a girl? Would it have had his blue eyes or her brown ones?

She would never know.

She held the photo tight and dropped on her side, curled up in a ball. All she could do was live in her memories, the only way she could survive, by imagining his hands around her as she let herself drown in slumber.

She didn’t realise it but this had become her nightly routine.

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  1. Just too a close read of this. Was a interesting read also I am not a writer but I do notice and actually found for this story that the effort put into describing the start or ever new action she would do help paint the picture of each scene . Good stuff

    1. Hello I thought I replied to this, sorry :) Thank you for reading and for giving me your feedback!


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