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Saturday, September 08, 2018

The sixth and final piece for this challenge! It's been great! I love writing so much but never had formal training or took any courses so I thought it wasn't something I could do. If you've read my "about" section you would know I struggle a lot with confidence in my writing. Now I'm a little more brave with sharing (thank you God!). I have so much to learn but I know if I practice more I can do better. 

As far back as I could remember I've loved rhyming words and making up poems. So for this final week I decided to rhyme away! This week's theme/sense: magic.

Here are the photos and my poem:


She held me tightly,
She played with me,
She treated me like
One of her family

Bright pink hair,
Dramatic winged eyes,
Sparkly lips,
And a really big smile.

We danced at Kamp ,
She flipped me in the air,
I looked at her lovingly,
Forever the same stare

She mimicked me often, while
Swaying me to and fro
The kids laughed and cheered
Asking, “Is he Pinnochio?”

She said, “This is my friend Tommy”
“My name is Jill”
“We’re from a land faraway”
“Over the sky and under the hill”

“There are rainbow skies”
“And cotton candy trees”
“Fruit laden rivers”
“And friendly, talking bees”

“Would you like to come home with us”,
“and fly through the air?”
They replied, “Yes we would Ma’am!”
Then poof…
Kamp was clear.


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Thursday, September 06, 2018

I'm a bit late with this post... but it was never about sticking to the time frame as much as it was about actually having the courage to finish and not become fearful or doubtful. So here is the fifth post. For the previous four you can search my blog :) 

For the challenge Sarah encouraged us to set a timer, write free hand and not edit among other things. Here's a very short piece that I ended up writing to a specific audience (another first for me)  to which I would not divulge just for the fun of it :)

This week's sense is taste and here are the photos and my story:

Emmery had been a baker all her life. Since she was a little girl she begged her mum to help in the kitchen. Her most fond memories were helping with the dough or mixing the cake batter. Her mum would often let her lick the stirring spoon when they were finished; the gooey, chocolate sweetness was her favourite. Many people from their small town requested cakes from her mum for special occasions and as she grew older her mum would let her help even more.

Soon Emmery started baking on her own. She experimented with different flavours, tangy and sweet, fruity and savoury, she came up with new ways of mixing ingredients. At community gatherings she offered to bake cakes and cupcakes and not long after she began receiving orders like her mum. She was delighted!

Baking was her passion. She dreamed of one day owning her very own store and a few years later her dream came true! Emmery’s Bakery was her pride and joy.

Emmery then had a daughter of her own and nothing made her happier than baking together and having fun. Her daughter’s enthusiasm reminded her of when she was a little girl helping her mum in the kitchen. It filled her heart with so much joy.

Every morning she would walk her daughter to the school bus stop and every morning her daughter loved being surprised with a different baked treat.

As time passed traditions continued. Baking secrets were passed down from mother to daughter.
Emmery was so happy, she had a kitchen full of grand-kids and laughter, all mixed with the lovely fragrance of spices and chocolates but most of all, love.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hi hi!

I’m a bit behind with this challenge, but the important thing is to have fun with it (as Sarah says), so I’m just happy that I’m keeping with it.

This week’s sense was scent. I tried something different again, see the note after my story!

If you would like to know what challenge I’m doing click here! And for previous weeks click: week 1, week 2 and week 3!
P.S. Don’t forget to read the note at the end!

Here are this week's photos and my story:


There she is again, five days in a row.

I liked having the place to myself, now she is ruining it. What used to be a soup of car fumes, sweat and dog laced air was now also flavoured with a fruity, flowery smell of some sort that whirled through the stairs of the fire escape.

I noticed her coming out of the second floor window that first day as I relaxed one floor atop. I watched as she just sat there, staring into nothing. Her black hair was plaited in a single braid that reached the middle of her back, her pale complexion highlighted with rosy cheeks.

I observed her until that heavenly aroma made its way to my nostrils, tuna!

Every time I came back from dinner she would be gone. Today she came out a bit earlier. She looked exactly the same except this time she was wearing all black and there was something pretty and shiny around her neck. Something was different though.

I heard soft sniffles and ever so often her shoulders shook a bit. Sadness glided up toward me.
I got up and made my way down the first flight of stairs. She had no idea I was there. Moving quietly was a great skill of mine. As I reached midway down the second flight of stairs, where she was sitting on the last step, she turned around.

Her eyes were blue like the great, big covering above us. Kindness and sorrow stared back at me, but then she turned her face away. She acted as though I wasn’t there as her shoulders hunched forward and her whimpers became louder.

I moved closer to her side and looked at her. She raised her hand and clutched the shiny thing around her neck. I noticed how much it matched her eyes; I could tell it meant a great deal her.

Her head titled upward now and she cried, “God… I miss her so much!”

I needed to move closer to her. So I did. I rubbed my head on her legs and I heard her crying wane.
Do it again! I massaged my entire body against her legs and feet. She stopped and reached down to play with my head. Nothing ever felt so good.

“Hello Kitty, you wanna play don’t you?”

I looked up and saw her wipe away her tears as a green ball appeared from somewhere in her clothing.


We were going to be great friends.


Writer's noteJ
For the challenge we’re encouraged to try different POVs so this time I wanted to try to write from an animal’s POV (yikes). However, if you know me you know I’m not fond of cats (and that’s being kind). I’m sorry if you’re a cat person, but I am not. I just have really bad gatophobia, which is why when I was writing this piece I was indeed surprised by how it turned out. I guess I can write about cats and look at cats from afar but I definitely won’t go near them. J J J


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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hi there! Week 3 of the writing challenge is touch. I did something a bit different, I wrote in the POV of a child (Eeee/Ahh)! I heard it can be a bit difficult but I decided to give it a try. Tell me what you think! 

This challenge has been so great because it has really pushed me to use my creative writing side. I never (ever) thought I would be able to write or think up fiction but using the images each week has really helped.

It's not too late to join me! For week 1 and what the challenge is about click here. For week 2 click here.

Here are this week's images and my story:


"Mum where are we going?” I muster up the courage to ask my mum as she pulls me along the dark street.

 It feels like someone is spraying cold water on my face. My short hair is plastered to my cheeks like when I had face painting done last month at my seventh birthday party. 

"No questions Maggie. Walk faster."

We have been walking for a long time. Now my feet hurt and there is water in my shoes. My back pack keeps bouncing off my back as we hurry to wherever we're going. I didn't get to put much in my bag. Mum said we needed to be very quick. As soon as my dad left for work my mum made me grab some clothes and one book. I love all of my books. I always ask for books for my birthday and Christmas. It was hard to choose just one. Now that book was poking me as I walked.

I am so cold. I wish we would go back home and lie under the covers, drink hot chocolate and watch Frozen, but mum said we must hurry so I need to walk faster. She keeps looking up as she pulls me along. I know she's looking out for the giant bumblebees, that's what I call them. It's odd but when she sees one she stops and turns her face. Dad says it flies over the city all day and night to keep us safe. I remember when he told us he was in charge of them because he took us to my favourite ice-cream shop that night. We all laughed a lot.

I trip on a broken piece of the pavement and fall on my left knee, my right hand yanked away from the warm, comforting grip of my mum's hand and land on the concrete.

 "Ouccchhhhhhh. Mummm!" I say, as hot tears flood to my eyes. 

"Maggie! Are you okay sweetheart?!" Mum says as she bends to help me.

 I look at my hands, they are wet and grimy with small pebbles sticking out of my palms. My knee burns but there is no blood. I am happy my mum made me wear long jeans. 

 "Yes mum, I'm sorry."

 "There's no need to be sorry Maggie. I know you're tired but we just need to keep going a little while longer." 

Her hug is like medicine because I suddenly feel warmer and much better.

My mum is strong but sometimes she seems sad and frightened. My parents fight a lot but I have never heard my mum cry so much as she did last night when I heard a loud noise and something break. My dad yells at me a lot too but that's because I forget to put away my toys sometimes.

We continue walking but a bit slower and more careful now. We make a few more turns and come to an old brown door. My mum knocks a few times and the door swings open.

 There is an old lady standing there. She has grey hair, flowers on her long dress and a smile on her face. 

"Mary. Maggie. I've been waiting for you. Hurry, come in! Did anyone see you?" she asked as she shut the door behind us.

Six Weeks, Six Senses {Week 2}

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Friday, August 03, 2018

Hello! So I hesitated in posting week 2 of this writing challenge because I didn't give it proper attention at all and I know I could have done much much better. I started writing late and had so many things going on this week that I thought I wouldn't post anything. I really want to keep at it though so here's what I came up with for week 2 {please don't judge too harshly :)}

If you would like to read week 1 click here. This week's sense was sound and these are the images:

Sam jolted from his sleep as blares of siren filled the room. This was an unusual occurrence. Car alarms, ambulances, music, Sam was accustomed to it all. It was his very own sound machine and he liked it. Sam lived in the heart of the city and could normally sleep through anything. Noise was like the air he breathed, all around. Silence is what bothered him.

Sam grew up in the city with his parents and two sisters. His family moved to sunny coast when he was eighteen but he stayed. He could see himself nowhere else. That’s when he met Sebastian, who became his roommate. Sam worked at grocery and Sebastian worked at a high end clothing store. Sam liked that they were so different and their definition of fun couldn’t be more opposite, it’s what made them living together work. They did share a love for movies and would occasionally have ‘movie nights’.

The night before Sam agreed to attend a party with Sebastian. He wasn’t into partying but Sebastian had begged him for days. Sebastian’s gravelly voice pleading to him haunted his dreams so he gave in and accompanied Sebastian to an apartment building at the edge of the city. The party’s theme was glamorous.

“How do you define glamorous anyway?” Sam thought, as he had rummaged through his small, city-sized closet an hour before the party.

Choosing to wear a black pants and white dress shirt was as glamorous as Sam could afford. He hated the sound his best shoes made on almost every floor surface, as though they were tap shoes. He was sure someone two streets away could hear him coming. It made him cringe.

He grabbed a cab with Sebastian outside his building and stared out the window for the entire drive. He noticed how much quieter it got as they drove away from the heart of the city. It felt as though he was losing his hearing.

When they arrived Sam instantly noticed the long glass block three floors up that connected two buildings. It looked magical the way the lights bounced off the surface. As he followed Sebastian up three flights of stairs to the apartment he heard literal music to his ears and immediately he felt relaxed. The apartment was triple the size of his. The blinkers and disco ball filled the room perfectly. It seemed to dance in tune to the music that was bouncing off the walls. Props that looked like they belonged in the 1920s were placed around the rooms that connected to each other. Sam noticed how all the guests went all out on their attire, they definitely lived up to the theme. In that moment he regretted he came.

He followed Sebastian through two doorways to a makeshift bar. Sebastian got them drinks and introduced Sam to a few of his friends. As the night went on and as the drinks kept coming, it was hard for Sam to hear himself. His throat felt raw from straining to speak over the music. Sam had never had more than two drinks in one night, his tolerance for alcohol was low, but now he was on his sixth. A small part of him, which he never admitted to himself, wanted to fit in. So as someone offered him yet another drink, Sam took it without hesitation.

His ears were ringing now. He grasped his throbbing head as a siren echoed throughout the room and thought, a siren? What on earth is going on?

He jolted forward, sweat covering his face. Sam was on his bed in his apartment, his heart thumping loudly over the noise of life outside. He squeezed his forehead to ease the throbbing pain.
“What happened? How did I get home?” Sam thought. 

All Sam remembered was having a few drinks at the party. Sam lay back down with force and experienced a burning sensation on his left shoulder. He couldn’t see what it was but when he touched the area he felt something sticky. Letting out a sigh he got up slowly, the effects of the night before didn’t give him much of a choice. Looking into the mirror, he saw something black and glossy. He squinted, trying to manage the intensity of his headache and moved closer, focusing on the spot.

It was a word, written in a curly letters. It took him a minute to figure out what it spelt. L...Y... L…
His eyes opened as though it would pop out of its socket. The tattoo on his shoulder read “LYLA”! Last night’s memory came like lightning. A red sequinned dressed that jingled and sparkled in the night; short black hair. He remembered laughter and dancing. He remembered “her”.

Six Weeks, Six Senses: {Week 1}

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


As some of you may know I posted a photo on Instagram last week and stated that I would be attempting a summer writing challenge by Sarah Selecky's Writing School called Six Weeks, Six Senses. Let me be honest with you, I have NEVER written fiction before! Writing personal stories and experiences, which is what I do mostly, is a little less terrifying for me. Making up a character and story line is a whole other ball game for me. I wasn't sure if I should share it publicly to people who know me because it really is terrifying to have others read and form judgments. But then I said to myself that it's just a story and if you think it's crappy then you think it's crappy and that's ok, just keep it to yourself :). BUT if you read it and you like it or have any constructive criticism please let me know, it would mean a lot! 

So the challenge works likes this: each week three images will be sent: a character, a setting, and a pivotal object that exists within the scene I'm going to write about. The images will be accompanied by one of six senses. This week's sense was sight. If you would like to join me or get more info on the challenge click here!

Here are the three photos and my story raw and unedited (yikes!):


There were clouds in the sky and hardly any blue pierced through. The copious amount of sweat dripping down her body would make you think the sun was out in all its glory. Dusk was approaching and she was returning from a short run. Getting used to the salty air wouldn’t be hard at all, it reminded her of him. She made her way from the wide shore, turning left unto an almost unnoticeable track between knee height grass. One nicked her as she passed through and she immediately felt a burning sensation.

“Darn it!” she yelled as she stopped to inspect the area on her bare legs. She wiped away a tiny drop of blood while she made a few more steps to get to her front lawn. She stopped, hands on hips, breathing heavily, trying to recover from her run as she stared at her new home. The front porch and the little nook behind the middle front window is what made her choose this home. He would love it too.

She couldn’t believe she was standing here. She thought about why she left the city, something she never thought she would do. She was a city girl at heart but here she was. Emotions flooded her at the thought. This was her life now.

She wiped away a tear that was mixed with sweat and walked up the three small steps that led to the porch. She stooped near the mat that was by the front door and picked up the key that was underneath and opened the front door. She knew she didn’t have to lock the door, she was in a different place now, but the city in her didn’t leave just yet. She kicked off her shoes at the side, which left a small trail of sand behind and headed toward the shower. Long showers calmed her.

An hour later, wet hair wrapped in a towel like a knot on her head, she made her way to the kitchen. Without thinking she reached for a wine glass, her body knowing what her soul needed. Walking over to her little nook by the front window, she sat on her favourite double couch, feet up at her side. A bottle of the finest was waiting for her and was instantly poured into her glass. She sat there for what seemed like an hour staring at the tall glass in her hand, but it was only a few minutes. How perfectly it fit in her hands she thought as she swirled the red liquid around. She took a sip and set it down on the pretty antique side table next to her. She pulled open the single drawer on the table and reached for the lone object inside.

She stared at the frame housing a crisp, clear photo. A single tear rolling down her cheek. How she wished she could go back in time when it was taken. Staring into his piercing blue eyes and freckled face. One photo but a thousand memories. His laugh. His sweet smell. His gentle touch. His heart. His heart was hers. There were so many plans made together. So many late night discussions about the things they would do with all the time they had. But they didn’t know.

The tears were flowing more freely now and that feeling was coming again. A literal ache in her heart that let out a cry that seemed to have no end. Why? Why did this happen? How could this happen? These questions were like a tornado in her head. Why was she left alone? Tears streaked her face as she held her tummy. Would it have been a boy or a girl? Would it have had his blue eyes or her brown ones?

She would never know.

She held the photo tight and dropped on her side, curled up in a ball. All she could do was live in her memories, the only way she could survive, by imagining his hands around her as she let herself drown in slumber.

She didn’t realise it but this had become her nightly routine.

The time I experienced a deathly fear...

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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Do you have a deathly fear?
I've heard people say many times that if something (insert deathly fear) like that were to happen to them they don't know what they would do or how they would survive.
I use to say that all the time too.

It was a few years ago and I was leaving the Caribbean and my family for Sydney, Australia. I was going to Bible College. I was extremely happy and nervous at the same time. It was the first time travelling by myself and the first time I'd be living in a new country. 
I love airports so making the trek from Trinidad to Miami to Chicago to L.A to Sydney (yes that many airports, amazing right?! ;)) was an adventure I couldn't wait to embark upon.
All my flights were good until I reached Los Angeles. I boarded the Jumbo Jet and took my seat toward the back of the plane; the seat next to me was free so I anticipated a very restful fourteen hour flight. My window view allowed me to see the entire left side of the wing. It was so big!
I remember taking off and just as the front of the plane began to lift, I saw a couple balls of spark come from the engine. It's hard to explain, it wasn't an obvious ball of spark, it was like tiny, spaced-out, Christmas lights wrapped in a ball.
Silly me thought I was seeing things so I didn't bother to say anything. I was going to enjoy this flight. I was living the dream.
I got preoccupied with a movie and didn't look out the window until maybe a couple hours later. And there they were again. 
They were about minutes apart - these ball-like sparks - and to me they kept getting bigger. Now I was worried. There was an ugly feeling in my stomach. I turned around to ask the only guy sitting behind me if he's seeing what I'm seeing.
We both peered out our windows. He confirmed it, I wasn't seeing things.
What on earth was happening, these things only happen in movies.
We signalled the flight attendant and informed her that there was something coming out of the engine that definitely shouldn't be. Would you believe that when she looked out the window, it stopped a bit? We assured her we weren't both crazy, so she looked some more and sure enough - whoosh there was one. So off to cock pit she went.
Meanwhile, everyone was asleep or watching a movie. The cabin was dim and the chatter was low. Everyone, except maybe the row in front and obviously behind me as far I knew, were clueless.
One of the pilots came to see for himself and they decided to turn off that particular engine - we could get there on three. 
I remember thinking to myself, oh my gosh, we've got maybe ten hours to go. Suppose something happens when we're half-way there?

A little time went by but I kept looking out the window. I was surprisingly calm. I knew God was with me, I felt his presence and I wasn't afraid.
But then I saw it... 
The engine that was shut off suddenly glowed red! Some part of the engine was on fire! I can't remember who I told exactly but I just remember saying, “it's glowing, it's glowing!” Now I was panicking. Hello, I've seen the movies!

One of my greatest fears is being stranded in deep water and worse stranded at night! You can never tell what’s swimming under you because it’s so deep you can’t see! That freaks me out! And here I am over thousands of feet of water.
But the panic quickly went away and peace returned. I remember saying under my breadth, “Lord, if something happens and I die, I know I'll be with you”.

I seriously thought about meeting Jesus. I thought about how it would feel to see him face to face and what heaven would look like. I thought about how it would feel to die but still I wasn't scared, at all! No word of a lie.
The flight attendant updated us that we would be turning around and heading back to L.A. The pilot informed the rest of the passengers over the intercom that we would be turning around and that we’d have to dump most of the fuel so we'd be able to land properly. I stared out the window as hundreds of gallons of fuel were being spewed into the air.
If I had imagined this situation without ever experiencing it, it would have been much different in my mind. I would have probably said things like, "Dear God, please don't let that ever happen to me, I would be so scared!" or "Ohh heck no, I would so faint or pee my pants!”

I can't remember reading or watching a movie. I think I just sat there and prayed in my mind and talked to God.
Maybe it helped that mostly everyone was asleep and that the majority of the flight had no clue as to what had taken place. I imagine things would have been much different had it been the middle of the day and everyone was awake. And then again, would I even have seen the sparks in the daylight? I have a feeling things would have really turned out different if the flight was during the day.
I made my peace with God. I placed the situation entirely in His hands and trusted Him. Never once was I overwhelmed with fear but rather overcome with peace. This was a situation that could warrant panic and doubt because I had no idea what was going to happen but it was totally opposite. It was supernatural. How do I know? Because I've been in situations since, that were much less intense and dangerous and the feeling of fear was much greater.
You see when you’re in a situation where you have no control or it scares the heebie-jeebies out of you, you would tend to think the worse and imagine the worse but God can totally intervene and give  you a sense of calm and trust and of course peace that whatever happens it will be ok. There is nothing God can’t do. 
So what did I learn from this experience? That God is with me always and when I think that there are things I would  never be able to handle, it’s not true. With God I can get through anything. There is such a thing as supernatural peace! I believe it with all my being! If I were to become stranded in the deep sea, no land in sight and thousands of feet of water under me (I shudder at the thought!) I believe I can get through that too. I believe there is a grace (God’s strength) for each difficult situation in our lives.
We don’t have to live in fear (2 Tim 1:7), we can live with a trust (Prov 3:5-6) that no matter what life may bring God is always with us and will always take care of us. 
We touched down in L.A a few hours later and the airline proceeded to get us shuttled over to the Hilton that wasn't too far away. The next morning we had another go at it and I did not hesitate once to get on another plane (miracle!), it was as though what happened the day before was just a dream.

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